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  • Why is this charity needed and why should I donate?
    Most children have access for publicly-funded education, but for many of them the effects of poverty lead to absence, lack of progress, chronic under-performance and, in some cases, the failure to complete their education (Unicef quote). We know a good education is one of the main pillars to take people out of poverty to success.
  • What percentage will go to administrative costs and what percentage goes directly to help the students?
    Our administrative costs will not exceed 20% of our total income. We intend to ensure that at least 80% of any contributions made goes direct to the students. We have no employees or major infrastructure (eg. office or IT costs) to support and the Directors have made personal contributions to cover any establishment costs such as finance charges/event costs/website/insurance and similar costs. Our ambition is to create a scholarship fund to make a commitment to four years of education per student aged 12-16 for as many needy students as possible.
  • What are the student donations used for?
    The donations may be used for any of the following depending on the need: - Books - Uniform and shoes - Tablets (partially off-set costs) - Transportation to/from school - Backpacks/school supplies - Lunch - Internet access
  • How do you select your students?
    We have an application process run in conjunction with the schools. The guidance counsellors and the principals of the schools have an important role in helping us identify the most needy students.
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