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Giving Students a Better Chance at an Education

Friends help students with their online school attendance.

Even before launching Giving Jamaica Chances officially in recognition of the need and challenges facing students during this period of online classes, as a group of friends we came together and have been able to assist three (3) students with internet access to support their attendance at online classes.

We were able to identify a few students who were facing challenges with attending online classes regularly, and have committed to the provision of internet access for the duration of the school year. We have also partnered with local companies to source tablets to assist.

It's a drop in the ocean but it is a big deal for those students that we have helped. And it is very gratifying when a student indicates that our actions have helped them realize that there are good people out there who care, and that has helped them restore their hope in the future.

We can make a difference - one student at a time. If we were able to make that difference unofficially - imagine what will be possible if we are focused and intentional! Let us make this happen!

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