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High School Students Receive GJCI Inaugural Grant Awards - Wonderful Opportunity for Students

Giving Jamaica Chances Inc. presented the student grant awards on Monday, November 29, 2021, to recipients Shannel Peart and Keeno Wright at deCarteret College in Mandeville, Jamaica.

deCarteret College 2021 Student Recipients Keeno Wright & Shannel Peart - with parents and Giving Jamaica Chances Inc.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the keynote speaker for the awards ceremony Gary Maxwell, the President of GJCI, along with Shereen Jones, Fiona Bowen returned to their “old stomping ground”, Mandeville to make this presentation.

Shereen talked to the students about why giving back is more important today than ever before. Guidance Counsellor Mr. Banner was excited and shared the sentiment of Principal Mrs. Lewis stating "this was an amazing opportunity and we are more than happy to embrace this initiative."

The presentation brought together the administrative team at deCarteret College, parents, students and friends to join and celebrate this momentous occasion.

The event showcased the power of giving thanks, giving back, showing gratitude, and the wonderful opportunity to reach out especially during these challenging times in a pandemic.

In addition, we had a shining singing star Chantae Wright, who stole everyone’s heart with her singing of “Rise Up” which was beautiful and filled the room with warmth and gratitude of the Jamaican hospitality.

The GJCI Board echoes a sincere “Thank-You” to Principal Mrs. Lewis, Guidance Counsellor Mr. Banner, Mr. Britton, Mr. Sinclair, parents, and the student welcome committee.

To all our sponsors, stakeholder, partners, friends, and family, we are so grateful for your support. Thank you for helping us ease the journey for one of our very own. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and student awards in 2022!

Big CONGRATULATIONS to Shannel and Keeno!

Interview questions for Awardees

Here are common grant/scholarship interview questions to know about the recipients…”tell us about yourself”

  1. What are you passionate about?

  2. How will this scholarship help you on your career path?

  3. What would you like to do once you have completed high school?

  4. Tell me about a personal achievement that makes you proud.

  5. How would you describe yourself?

The Submission Guidelines

We are pleased to announce submissions for the GJCI 2nd Annual Grant Awards. The grant will be open to GJCI partner schools in Manchester beginning in June 2022. These schools will serve a huge number of low-income students through our Annual Grant Awards.

Because of COVID-19 variants, we will not be holding in-person fundraising events until the fall 2022. Instead, we will have a virtual conference featuring workshops with subject matter experts in mental health, education, finance, non-profit via ZOOM.

Planning to apply for the coming GJCI grant awards?

Stay tuned and watch out for further submission guidelines.

About GJCI

GJCI is a reputable non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial support to high school students in need while increasing the rate of graduation each year. We provide privilege and opportunity to students so that they can get a quality education and become graduates.

GJCI gives the students a grant to help them to achieve their lofty goals regarding high school education. Moreover, GJCI is committed to meeting the educational needs of the students. Your support can make it possible for them to complete their school. You can donate anytime throughout the year to help with the financial support for the needy students in these tough times.

This generous step will have a meaningful impact on many students' lives. We accept donations online and encourage everyone to support this worthy cause. Our mission is to give a wonderful opportunity to deserving students so that every student graduates and becomes proficient in knowledge & skills.

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