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Giving Jamaica Chances Inc. 2023-2024 Student Grant awardees

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The following is a list of awardees for the Giving Jamaica Chances Inc. student grants.

Bellefield High School

  • Elroy Joseph

  • Anthony Dwyer

  • Amelia Fisher

Belair High School

  • Nickelia Stedford

  • Martina Mcleish

  • Timone Davey

Bishops High School

  • Yanique Henry

  • Natavia McCatty

  • Kimoya Hewitt

deCarteret College

  • Mykael Pottinger

  • Dacia Johnson

  • Najari Whitley

Manchester High School

  • Georgianna Smith

  • Brianna Cockett

  • Shamar Clarke

Students were selected for the grants based on financial need as outlined in the grant application and assessed by our selection committee.

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Douma Gaming
Douma Gaming
Aug 03, 2023

Are those the winners of this year

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