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Our Inaugural Grant Recipients

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The first Giving Jamaica Chances 2021 grant recipients are:

Shannel Peart


Keeno Wright

both of DeCarteret College. There will be an award ceremony on November 29th at the school. The grant can be used by the student for services specific to the provision of education such as: uniforms, transportation, exam fees, books, meals, etc. We will be working with our schools on the administering of same.

Watch this space for more information on our award recipients..

We recognize that this has been a very difficult time for many - including our schools, and we at Giving Jamaica Chances are pleased that along with our donors we have been able to help a few and we look forward to quickly expanding our reach to others.

CONGRATULATIONS to Shannel and Keeno! And thank you to the staff, principal and leadership team at DeCarteret for the support given to this initiative. Thank you to all our donors who helped this to happen. And rest assured - this is only the beginning...

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